Long skirts

Step into a world of effortless elegance with Sandro's collection of women's long skirts. These versatile pieces are a wardrobe staple, offering endless possibilities to create stylish and sophisticated looks for any occasion.

Whether you prefer the flowing drape of a maxi skirt, the chic versatility of a midi skirts, the boldness of a leather skirts , or the casual coolness of a denim skirt, you'll find the perfect piece to elevate your wardrobe.

Our long skirts come in a variety of fabrics and designs to flatter every silhouette and style. At Sandro, we prioritize quality materials that are both comfortable and durable.

Maxi skirts are a timeless favorite to create effortlessly elegant looks. Pair them with a fitted top for a sophisticated ensemble or opt for a relaxed blouse for a more casual look. Flowing maxi satin skirts are perfect for creating airy silhouettes, while slit skirts add a touch of sensuality.

Our long skirts are available in an array of colors, ranging from classic black, brown or grey to bold shades like blue or khaki. Each season, we introduce fresh and unique prints. Whether you prefer floral patterns, paisley or striped prints, our skirts offer endless possibilities to express your personal style.

Achieve a fresh look with a floral-printed maxi skirt, or embrace understated elegance with a plain black maxi skirt. Complete the look with heels for a polished appearance or sandals for a more laid-back style. Highlight your waistline by tucking in your top or adding a belt.

Explore our collection of skirts and discover the perfect piece to elevate your style with timeless elegance.

For a touch of versatility, midi skirts offer a perfect balance between maxi skirts and shorter fits, making them ideal for both day and night. Dress them up with a tailored blazer for a professional look or pair them with a white cotton T-shirt, jersey hoodie, bold heels or statement sneakers for a casual outing.

Embrace a bolder statement with our selection of short skirts. Whether ruffled or draped, our skirts are a must-have for any casual wardrobe and embody the must-have trends of the season. It pairs perfectly with T-shirts, sweaters, and blouses, creating effortlessly cool looks.

Shifting to a more graceful silhouette, embrace feminine elegance with a pleated skirts, adding movement and grace to your look. Elevate your comfort with a knitted skirts, offering both warmth and style.

For a truly casual option, discover our collection of women’s shorts, offering freedom of movement and effortless style.