SANDRO invites artist Garance Vallée to dress its windows for the new season.

Embodying a young generation with uninhibited eclecticism, Garance Vallée creates an organic universe on every scale, an heir of the art she explores under a broader, contemporary lens. Her work revolves around symbiosis, the organic fusion between the territories of architecture, art and design.

For each and every design team in SANDRO’s Parisian studios, it is a source of inspiration.

Beans, Pinecones, Umbrellas


For Evelyne and Ilan Chetrite, founders and creative directors of SANDRO, art is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and field of expression. These collaborations are a means of supporting and promoting emerging creative talent.

Garance Vallée has designed a collection of units and structures in wood, plaster, steel and resin as if to inhabit the particular space of the windows in different ways.

At home, the art is as much a model as it is sculpture, an installation, even architecture.


Yuko Nishikawa

A dialogue between fashion and contemporary design

In the past, the Parisian Maison has invited numerous artists to capture their worlds in its windows, most recently with the bold geometries of Jason Glasser and the delicate mobiles of Yuko Nishikawa.

For Evelyne and Ilan Chetrite, handing over the keys to their windows is a demonstration of their support for emerging artists.

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