I am immensely proud of the new store location; it is a lifelong dream come true. When we created Sandro almost 40 years ago, I couldn’t have imagined the joy of imprinting a page of our history on the most illustrious of avenues. For the whole Sandro family, it is incredibly meaningful to settle here in the Champs-Elysées.

Evelyne Chetrite
Founder & Artistic Director of SANDRO

Art has a special place in the hearts of Evelyne and Ilan Chetrite. It was therefore only natural that they wanted to give it a special place in this new boutique. In the past, the Parisian Maison has often invited artists like Júlia Brandão, Stephen Ormandy, Romeu Silveira and Jason Glasser to bring their aesthetic language to life and display their works in SANDRO stores. The artists invited reflect the brand's originality and favourite means of expression, like crafts or art.

French artist Etienne Bardelli was asked, due to his raw and authentic work, to create an artwork in motion. Brought to life with a slow mechanical movement, it floats elegantly, poetically reminiscent of time slowed down. In addition, Dan John Anderson—an artist who shapes wood with modernity—also evokes this natural, organic and authentic spirit with a selection of totems in the window display.

These collaborations are a means of expressing Sandro's passion for young creators through placing art at the very heart of the Maison.



On the ground floor, the space opens with the women's RTW collections, with a waxed concrete floor leading to the back of the store, which houses the accessories area. To the right of the space, the magnificent, curved staircase is one of the visual anchors. The wide ramp in mineral grey contrasts with the warm walnut steps. Halfway up, a brick pillar marks the entrance to the first floor, which reveals the men's RTW collections. In the basement, the design of the space ensures peace and tranquillity to provide an intimate fitting room area.


The architectural concept, previously implemented in the Saint-Honoré Street flagship, has been reinterpreted specifically, adapted to suit the new space and location. New materials such as brushed stainless steel, brick and waxed concrete have been introduced. Wood is particularly prominent with the use of new varieties such as brushed teak for the tables, North American pine for the shelves and walnut for the ceiling and staircase. Alternately mineral and wood, raw and refined, the different textures complement and contrast each other. Ecru, sand, honey, brown and grey, the natural tones create an atmosphere of serenity. Harmony emerges from the geometric juxtaposition of raw materials, simply arranged in an apparent structure. The lighting was considered with particular importance, implemented with the expertise of lighting designer, Valérie Bodier.


Art holds an incredibly special place in the hearts of Evelyne and Ilan Chetrite. The French artist Etienne Bardelli was invited to present his work within the space of the new flagship, favoured by the brand for his raw and authentic style. Bardelli collaborated with Bastien Mairet and Manon Beuchot to create a work of art in motion. Two detailed sails knotted and made of cotton halyard hang suspended above the ground floor. Animated by a slow organic movement, they float delicately and poetically evoke time taken at a slower pace. Don John Anderson, an artist who works innovatively with wood, also conjures this natural, organic, and authentic spirit with totems present in the window. These collaborations echo Sandro's commitment to young creatives and pursuit to ensure art lies at the very heart of the House.


Convinced that Parisian elegance is more desirable when it is sustainable, Evelyne and Ilan Chetrite wanted to reaffirm Sandro's eco-responsible commitments in this new space. The materials have been carefully selected for their endurance and respect for the environment. The durability of waxed concrete and metals, FSC certified wood types and natural mineral coatings provides the foundation for the whole design. The store's power consumption has been optimized using LED spotlights, energy-saving air-conditioning units and presence sensors in the staff areas.


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More than just a flagship,
the store provides an immersive experience of the Sandro house, a unique and iconic new address for the Sandro brand.

Ready-to-wear, accessories and decoration creations will be offered exclusively in our flagship store on the Champs-Elysées: sweaters, candles, notebooks, postcards, totebags... For a unique experience marked by Sandro's fashion expertise and generosity.